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About Women with Voices Charity Inc.

Women with Voices Charity Inc. (WWVCI), is the mechanism used to attract likeminded, caring individuals into a space to make a positive impact in the lives of our children and families in need. WWVC serves communities in New Jersey and New York through three programs: Back-to-School Events, It Pays to Have Good Grades: Honor Roll Program, and Feeding Our Friends.

Women with Voices Charity Inc. (WWVCI), vision is uplifting communities through Lessons and Services to cultivate and produce compassionate, contributing members of society.

Women with Voices Charity Inc. (WWVCI), mission, is a grassroots organization, is to provide relevant and timely services and support students and families from low, socio-economic communities in New Jersey and New York. We procure and distribute needed school supplies to students; we recognize and honor student achievement; and we prepare and serve hot, nutritious meals to individuals and families in need.

Spring 2010, eight women came together to share in a sister-hood of bonding and intellect through meaningful conversation. Diverse and inspiring ideas sprung from the well of the in-depth dialogues. Artoria Dee Frazier, one of the eight women, deeply contemplated her current, fortunate status. Artoria, affectionately known as Ms. Dee, also reluctantly reminisced about her childhood growing up in the project in Brooklyn, New York. Ms. Dee, at the moment, decided to focus her energy and her time giving back to the community that cultivated her into a caring and compassionate, contributing member of society. 

Ms. Dee moved quickly to formulate and coordinate the inaugural back-to-school event. School supplies were collected, sorted, packaged, and appropriately distributed to 300 students. The back-to-school event was held in the parking lot–the same parking lot Ms. Dee traversed back and forth as a youth to the neighborhood corner store–of Unity Towers Project (also known as 2007) in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Because the back-to-school event was a tremendous success; Ms. Dee decided to continue with her aspirations and launched Women with Voices Charity Incorporated. 

Women with Voices Charity Incorporated was founded by Artoria Dee Frazier. Ms. Dee became the 501(c)(3), non-profit charitable organization’s President in 2012. Ms. Dee currently serves as Founder/Executive Director. Ms. Dee’s dedication and commitment to giving back stems from her childhood experiences. Ms. Dee vividly recalls, like a fresh wound, the afflictions of both generational and situational poverty: besieged with drugs, violent crimes, lack of school supplies, and community support. Ms. Dee uses Women with Voices Charity Inc., as the platform to transform lives of individuals and families from low, socio-economic communities. 

Charity Founded in 2010 by Artoria Dee Frazier
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